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Part 2

Because of the experimental nature of our approach, and the absurdity of what we were doing, some early actions taken against witnesses were laughable failures. At least, by that I mean that, instead of silencing some witnesses, we effectively drove them mad. This famous character Bender is a good example of a successful "failure". More often than not people were silenced by the absurdity of our approach. Nobody particularly cares to be called insane. Think about it: You see some unidentified thing, and then call the police or the airport to ask about it. Then a couple of really bizarre thugs visit your home and play head games with you. One of them has a black box which you think may be the reason why you feel dizzy and passive. Maybe these thugs distort, fade out a bit, or change shape right before your eyes. Now you are convinced that the flying/hovering/landing thing you saw was a FLYING SAUCER. So you shut up about it for about 10 years, but eventually you decide you are out of danger, so you talk about it. The only people who listen to you or believe you are other witnesses. The mainstream of people think you are just a disenfranchised UFO kook who's only trying to get attention. That's what we sought to do. Warp the memory and perceptions of some hapless witness, and the potential compromise of national security is neutralized. Some people, who witnessed far too much to merit just one visit, have to be monitored indefinitely. After initial contact, we keep that individual paranoid by calling them at home or work just to ask "are you being a good citizen?" *************************************************

During the period leading up to and following the Vietnam War, our methods became more focussed and refined. We now had a more mature PSYOPS doctrine. The fine art of brainwashing (psychic driving/indoctrination) was being perfected, and it became less important to menace "UFO" witnesses, because society had by then internalized the skeptical/gullible attitude toward such sightings. That is to say, people were automatically either silencing themselves, or else racing forward to announce the alien presence. This is a tribute to the feedback loop we had with Hollywood in those days. Much of our work through the 60s and 70s was in "System Maintenance". That is to say, we began to silence politicians and other people in power who, by their actions, threatened certain systems or processes in place to ensure the warfighting supremacy of the US. For this reason there are some among us who are fully aware of the mechanisms behind the termination of JFK's command. The 70's brought about significant changes in our function and structure. By then we had pretty much shed the Men in Black look for a more mixed needs-based style, ranging from full paramilitary to plainclothes. At that time, some of our silencing function was being turned over to the Army Special Forces, who, it was felt, would be more capable of staying on top of the technological and warfighting end of this practice. The new approach for us then was to serve as propagandists. That is to say, monitor many of the more prominent ufological groups, encourage their most marginal, far-out beliefs, then make the necessary funding available (fronting as advertisers, etc) to bring these groups into the mainstream. While it is and has always been our strongly held conviction that THERE IS NO EXTRATERRESTRIAL PRESENCE ON PLANET EARTH AT THIS TIME, it was our method to promote just the opposite position, expending huge resources to actually create a pantheon of extraterrestrials to titillate the imaginations and needs of every segment of the population. As of the late 70's we would still occasionally take the old cars out for a visit to keep the MIB legend alive, we mostly utilized modern, functional vehicles such as sedans (any color) and military aircraft and vehicles. At all times the vehicles used by us were invariably the property of an extent, higher profile agency, such as the Secret Service or the Army. Another late 70's development is the privatization of intelligence. The balck Ops Brethen began to get funding from some big corporations which, in my opinion, was the beginning of the end of the "golden years" of the fraternity. During my brief tenure with the Black Ops Brethren, I was already witnesses a major influx of Scientologists, Mormons, and Special Forces personnel. No more was it possible to actually just go out and have some fun silencing UFO witnesses. The mission of the organization dating back to 1947 was now coming to an end. Things were getting too serious and too dangerous. That is to say, the policy of non-lethal harrassment was dropped, and now the mission was to neutralize those who actively investigated the funding and/or covert activities of agencies known to be acting against the interests of the democratic process. In 1982 the Black Ops Brethren became the Black Ops Fed Fraternal Order. They are still to this day very much involved in Black Operations. Tech and personnel support for the new BOpFFOr comes from Army Spec Ops/Special Forces, CIA, FEMA, UN, BATF, Air Force, ONI, and FBI. In the early 80's when these changes were taking place, a number of older Black Ops Brethren retired themselves, and sided with the Kalo Lowve and the fey (elemental) MIB to observe and/or protect the "black dogs". This schism took the last of the occultists out of the fraternity. The new grouping, which could well be called just "MIB", is now completely severed from the US government, and consequently no longer has the privilege of black budget funding. These offshoot MIBs took with them the Black Box technology, and are privately active in studying better means of harnessing telluric energies to create their own stealth vehicles and weapons. This project would go far in realizing the goals of both Tesla and Reich, and confirm the hypotheses of those who study ley lines.

(end of pt 2)

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