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Here is part 4 from the rough draft of Jack Downings unfinished book

Men in Black--or Men in Very Dark Green....?

An aspect of speculation surrounding the Men in Black, especially in conspiracy theory, centers on the possible role of the Men in Black in the New WorldOrder project. Connected to this question, naturally, is much conjecture about the MIB/Black Helicopter connection. I'll attack this Black Helicopter question first, as I think that more people invest a great deal of value in this matter, compared to the relatively little value placed in MIBs by conspiracy buffs. The simple and straightforward answer is, these helicopters belong to the US Army (160th SOAR, as some have astutely pointed out). But with the consolidation of forces, and their increased cooperation in tech support, the actual utilization of these and any other vehicles makes more difficult the task of figuring out who is behind such-and-such a manouever. It's one thing to identify who owns a helicopter. It's another thing to identify who's flying it, and why. There are numerous agencies who have access privileges, and might have motives for using these black helicopters. While SOAR has rights to ownership of this species of black radar-foiling copter, such agencies as the CIA, FEMA, BATF, ONI, BOpFFOr, and even the Coast Guard have made use of their NWO-motivated borrowing privileges. Think of these black helicopters as the vanguard of a new way of doing war. Stealth, E-WAR, PSYOPS, C4I, and improved logistics can assure swiftest victory with fewest casualties, especially when you have better capabilities in these categories than your opponent. It would behoove you to not worry too much about these mysterious helicopters, because fretting will not make them go away. If you are being hounded by black (or "very dark green") helicopters, in all likelihood it is "just a training exercise", and you can take comfort in that thought. With regard to the "Men in Black" and their role in the "New World Order" project, I'll have to begin by establishing a clear distinction. The old Black Ops Brethren, from circa 1947, into the mid-70s, was simply very focussed on intercepting and suppressing leaks of Top Secret information relevant to advanced aerial warfighting technologies. In this capacity, they had little interest in, or knowledge of Project Novus Ordo. If by chance they had any awareness of the project, they did not participate or serve as agents for any aspect of this scheme. With the changes that took place in the mid- to late-70s, and the final shedding of the classic "MIB" look for a more conventional Fed/Mil mode, there was also a change in focus for them. Resulting from some of the changes, there was a big changeover in personnel. Now it's a weird mix of Scientologists, Mormons, and SpecOps. Some CIA cowboys, and a few Secret Service. They might better be called the "Men in Very Dark Green" now. For the most part the old-school intelligence gang has been cut out. Now the BOpFFOr is active in setting the stage for the grand coup set to happen around the end of this decade. I have heard it called "X-Day", because it will have the form of a staged (but illusory) D-Day type invasion of Earth from Outer Space (leave it to SciFientologists to come up with this one...sheesh!). We'll get a fabulous demonstration, though, of the new saucers, the water-breathing flight suits, the Mach 8 fighter jets (once they figure out how not to run into their own bombs), and soon an all black-clad army. Head for the hills, kids. This is gonna be the big one. When I got involved with the Black Ops Brethren, I was enchanted and excited by the prospect of being a classic MIB, like my father was. But those days had passed already, and the BOpFFOr was in the process of becoming a rigid and stressful team. Much less fun than it used to be because it has lost its function as a social laboratory for PsyOps techniques, and was now simply protecting aspects of the new project. Some of the same kind of stuff as before, only much less loony. They were trying to force me out, prevent me from gaining full membership by raising my stress and encouraging my drinking habit. While I am still in touch with that group that spun off from the BOpFFOr and is still working with the Kalo Lowve and the elemental MIBs, I am out, retired, not working. Just keeping a very low profile, with relation to intelligence work, and pursuing my hobby as a paranormalist. Those old cars and the various other tools of the trade will be daerly missed, though. Many are still in good condition, like new, all these decades later.

Maj. Jack Downing notes 5: