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Part 5 of the rough draft for Maj. Downing's unpublished book

Hijinks at Point Pleasant

I recently read a magazine article about a "moth man" sighting in Point Pleasant, WV which in 1967 escalated into some unpleasantness for all involved. I was not aware until then that this matter had made its way into UFO lore. I'll share a bit of what I know about that. I was not there at the time, but my father and some of the other Black Ops Brethren were there, and shared some of their experience and knowledge about that farce with me. This incident was an unusual chapter in the history of the Brethren, because on this occasion they were not mobilized to handle a "UFO" or "ET" sighting. The government was fooling around with some experimental warfare technologies, testing the effects of various radiations and electromagnetic fields on a guinea pig population in this sleepy WV town. They'd emit large doses of whatever energy into the town, then sit back and observe pathology clusters, changes in crime rate, mortality, mental illness, and whatever other measurable changes might result from said exposure. What the investigators didn't count on was the attraction the EM activity might have for "black dogs". The so-called "moth man", when it appeared, attracted a lot of unwanted press attention to this little town, which was the last thing the gov't needed, having expended considerable sums in their secret research. So the Black Ops Brethren had to move in to size up the situation, and assess the impact of this black dog presence. My father, who headed a team of Kalo Lowve MIBs, set up observation post all over this town, hoping to catch sight of one of these things, and to silence further witnesses lest they contact the press or police. The whole situation turned into a monkey-house, ultimately. The gov't carried on with the radiation project, the black dogs (moths) continued to pop up, AND the Fey (elemental) MIBs showed up to further complicate matters. They were trying to silence press, witnesses, and us, so we had to keep them at arm's length despite our truce with them. The Fey MIBs managed to round up their black dogs and get them out only by monkey wrenching the gov't project. The equipment used to direct the radiation and EM fields at the town mysteriously disappeared. A couple of gov't scientists were driven to suicide, my father was sighted too many times, and nearly had his cover blown, and the Kalo Lowve threatened to cease cooperating with us. Some wierdo who actually seemed to know too much (a traitor to one of the MIB orgs, possible a KL) started leaking stuff to one of the UFO investigators, but fortunately did not give the whole game away. It was about this time that some of the improved directed-energy and implant technologies come to fruition. The fey MIB had been the sole abductors up to this point, by whatever magical technologies they possessed. Now we had something similar, and put some of this stuff to good use. Unfortunately, some other agency (was it COMM-12?) got their hands on the better equipment and began to abduct people wholesale. It is this other group that really got rolling with the "abduction by greys" scenario. They were not doing any kind of MIB stuff. They just wanted to examine the effects of their germ warfare work, and they were getting sick of schlepping cattle out by night. So they collect random specimens from the human population, do a biopsy, put in a simple tracking implant ("tagging them") and send them back home with visions of aliens dancing in their heads. They did a lot of this to Military dependents too. Anyway, we were not the ones who were killing witnesses back then. As I'd mentioned before, the old Black Ops Brethren had a no-kill policy. It was the Fey MIB who downed that bridge after the Point Pleasant incident. That was one year to the day after the first black dog set down there. ****************************************** On the matter of these fey MIBs, I've heard a few interesting tales. One of the old guys, who had been in the fraternity since before WWII, had collected some stories from the usually-evasive elementals. One tale, which they apparently enjoyed bragging about was the role they played in the evolution of American music. It seems this handsome young black fellow was doing a little voodoo ceremony at a rural crossroads. This attracted the interest of a couple of elementals, who find such things compelling. After doing his ritual, this young man sat down by the roadside and began picking at a guitar. It occured to one of these elementals that he could help the boy out, so he shape-shifted a bit (to look the part) and walked right up to the musician. He took the guitar from the player's hand and re-tuned it. Played an unusual melody on it, then handed it back. The contact with his returned guitar had a "shaktipat" effect on him. Suddenly he was a brilliant and charismatic musician. But, when gifted by a muse, there is that unfortunate fact that you burn twice as bright but for half as long. These elementals claim that they've intervened in human history since time immemorial, because they need us for their own evolution. They allege to have introduced drums and double-reed flutes to our remotest stone age ancestors, gave us witchcraft, and even got us interested in psychoactive substances, which they claim were instrumental in the evolution of the human brain.

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