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This is Part 6 of the rough draft of Major Jack Downing's book.

Why am I telling all this?

My main concern early on was to test the waters, find out how much surveillance I am under. So I trickled out some vague and misleading clues about the Black Ops Brethren. I admit that I was even deceptive about the nature of my involvement and the extent of my knowledge. It is as a result of my increasing confidence that I've delved more deeply into my memory, admitted more. But this summer I've had a couple of scares. They have reminded me that I'm not being ignored. A member of my own family has even spoken to me, urging me to be cautious. I am angry, and have already adopted a fatalistic view. How can I care anymore? If you have cancer, but cannot get into hospitals on account of no veterans benefits, no insurance, and no credit, there is little recourse except to rage at the circumstances that brought all of this on. It almost makes me inclined to believe in Karma. ***************************************************

Ufologists have by now sifted through many government documents. The dragnet is getting closer to bringing the "officially nonexistent" Black Ops Brethren and BOpFFOr to light, but will it be too late wheh they do? There is a huge project underway which will truly lead to widespread acceptance of the extraterrestrial hypothesis of aerial phenomena. I'm not likely to see this event take place, though it is much sooner than I am comfortable with. I really don't want to witness the X-day project in execution, frankly. Will our clever UFO investigators effectively expose our government's shame in time? Already one or two have discovered the Air Force agency which functioned as our eyes and ears, which collected analysed, and disseminated the data which we acted on. They are mistaken, however, to assume that the 1127th/AFSAC was the be-all and end-all to the MIB question. How many amateur ufologists still maintain that the MIBs are all aliens! I've indicated that some MIBS are elementals, but these are almost never seen/reported/remembered, as they are quite effective at silencing witnesses. Some of the most unusual aerial phenomena are indeed connected to these "people", but they are less interested in abducting or harrassing than in keeping the "black dogs" out of public view. Of them I shall henceforth say little else. *********************************************

I've said a lot about the Black Ops Brethren and the BOpFFOr, which are, were, and probably will always be profoundly black operations, despite my detailed recounts. What are the odds that these projects will be leaked or declassified? Well that really depends on all of you. In my lifetime, I expect not to see this stuff brought out, but I feel that if dedicated UFO and Black Ops investigators, in cooperation with the media (naturally) can pry open the history of the 1127th, a veritable Pandora's box of Black Operations will spring forth, literally exposing all of the lies of UFO/alien abductions, and dramatically alter trends in our culture which we take for granted. It will result in a whole new understanding of technology, black operations, and the organization of clandestine operations in government intelligence. If this can be done soon enough, X-day might be averted, as well as the consequent police-state actions planned to coincide with it.