Black Ops Fed Fraternal Order (BOpFFOr)


The "Black Ops Fed Fraternal Order." It has recently come to my knowledge that the BOpFFOr are the real "Men in Black." The Black Ops Fed Fraternal Order at one time was called the Black Ops Brethren (1940-1989), they changed the name in the early 80's (around 1982) when they allowed women into the organization. This organization is a ultra-secret fraternal org. They also have a very secret name which is unknown. They are an elite group made up of Counter Intelligence and PsyOps-trained government officers, who are charged with the resposibility of "putting out fires", that is to say, squelching potential leaks of ultrasecret matters of National Security. New members are recruited from Counter Intelligence/Intelligence departments and are sworn into this organization in a fashion reminiscent to the Freemasonry. Entering is easier if you already have a relative therein. The "hypnotic" trance" is the Ericksonian trance technique that is enhanced by the intimidation factor of the circumstances, coupled with the "tiger eye" stare which is used by cops and martial artists. The look (black suits, sun glasses, etc)is from Popular culture images of secret service, G-men, and mobster style. The look is part of their PsyOp M.O.

The black helicopters are interagency surveillance vehicles that are not directly related to the order. A visit by the MIBs is intended to hypnotize you into thinking that what you saw was a UFO, thoug you are left with the idea planted that they came to intimidate you into "keeping quiet" about the UFO. The BOpFFOr can mobilize officers and agents to arrive at anywhere in the U.S. within hours. Scattered all over the country are hangars and garages that contain the cars and aircraft utilized by the MIBs are on standby. There are 5 or 6 gov't facilities, where they don't have offices per se, individuals are distributed among these agencies which are located on those sites. Two sites having a concentration of officers and agents are Stennis and Aberdeen, but there are indications that Presidio and one or two other sites contain a concentration. There are branch "offices" manned by agents, which are usually connected to the Dept. of Navy and Army. Difference between officers and agents, OFFICER: is an individual sworn into the order that oversees the operation in an administrative capacity and an active capacity, like interrogating "witnesses." AGENT: is not a member of the order, but has a high security clearance, and is useful to the order, being a member of the Military, Government Investigative agency, or local law enforcement. The agent may not clearly be aware of his/her mission.

The original predecessor to the Black Ops Brethren has existed since the 1770's, and was at that time a mansonic sub-order which existed (alongside the secret service) to keep our nation on the cutting edge of intelligence during the times of strife. The modern organization (Black Ops Brethren/Black Ops Fed Fraternal Order) was formed in 1947. Since about 1919, the original form of the order no longer had any ties to the Freemasons. However it did maintain its masonic structure, because it was the best framework for maintaining a strict organizational cohesion. The new charter coincided with the formation of the CIA, and at that time had been made up of some of the top CIA people. At all time it has been made up of people from different intelligence backgrounds, and even now they struggle to maintain diverse perspectives in its work. The Black Ops Brethren later became the Black Ops Fed Fraternal Order, it is mainly the Black Ops Brethren that are associated with the "Men in Black" sightings, and the majority of the reports of visitations by the MIB took place between the 1950's and 1970's. There are spme groups out there that call themselves the "MEN IN BLACK", they are usually a club of hoaxters who like to amuse themselves by harassing "abduction" survivers, sometimes hanging around where a conference or group therapy sessions is held, and following the participants home.

note: The "p" after the first "O" standes for "Op" and the "r" after the last "O" stands for "Order" (BOpFFOr)

The above information came from my source, like it says at one time was nominated for this organization, but his full membership had been turned down, becasue they felt he was a security risk. he also had a Cosmic Top secret Clearance. back home