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Men in Black in Phoenix

: MEN IN BLACK INTERCEPT 'PHOENIX LIGHTS' VIDEO FOOTAGE? : (transcribed from a FOX10 NEWS (Phx.) report, 11/18 @9pm, reported by Jim : Schnebelt) :

: FROM THE FOX-10 '10 files'...

: (on screen: stock "Phoenix Lights" footage, of lights suspended in sky)

: voiceover: Months after this (March 13) sighting there are many questions : regarding the strange lights over Phoenix. Is this a solid craft, or : merely lights in an empty sky? : What could be the conclusive evidence is now mysteriously missing. : Richard Curtis claims his home video is proof that this sighting was a : huge flying craft. And he claims his video shows a solid object in the sky : passing over his home.

: (on screen: cut to head shot of Curtis.)

: Curtis: I saw the bottom part (of the craft) as it went over Phoenix, : because the lights lit the bottom of it, and it partially blocked : out the clouds and the stars. : voiceover: Curtis called city councilwoman Frances Emma Barwood, wanting : to show her the footage. : (on screen: cut to head shot of Barwood)

: Barwood: He said he had it on two videotapes, and would I like them, so I : said, "Of course I would.", and could he give me copies of them. He said : he would. I told him how to get them to my office and to mark them : 'personal and confidential'. : (on screen: cheesy slo-mo video "re-enactment" of Men in Black walking : about)

: voiceover: But before Curtis could send copies to Barwood, he's paid a : visit by two mysterious men in black. : Curtis:(voiced over MIB reenactments) They were dressed in black : suits, with black hats and sunglasses. They asked me if I had tapes for : coucilwoman Barwood, and I said "Yah, they're laying right here". They : said, "We've stopped by to pick them up." So I said, "Great!" and just : handed (the original tapes) to them.

: (on screen: cut to head shot of Barwood)

: Barwood: I didn't get them, and I have no idea who these two men were : since I have just females working in my office. Its absolutely puzzling to : me. : (on screen: cut to slo-mo MIB, one of them now holding videotapes...(!) )

: voiceover: Did the tapes ever exist, and if so were they proof of more : than "lights" in the sky? And who were these mysterious Men in Black who : allegedly took them?

: (as slo-mo MIB vid continues...)

: Curtis (voiced over): I think someone listened in on that phone call and : wanted those tapes.

: Barwood (voiced over): I can't explain it. Its just eerie. : Voiceover: The mystery continues. Jim Schnebelt, Fox-10 News. : _________ end story, cut to anchor _________ :