Counter Measures for MIB Encounters

After reading various reports of people who have had encounters with Men In Black after a UFO related siting or happening, It has brought to my attention that common, average people without any previous military tactical orplaning training are defenseless to the tactics that have been reported to frighten and intimidate these people to be silent or change their minds about reporting or turning over any information or evidence to UFO Investigators. I have decided that this would be a good application of some of my U.S. Army (Over Training) that I have acquired in my younger days. This should not deal with weapons or combat, but more of a counter physiological warfare approach. Although weapons training and hand to hand combat training greatly enhance confidence of an individuals ability to cope with anabnormal encounter situation. It gives you a power platform to relate from. The so called (EDGE). But knowledge and reasoning is a greater power and can and should be used first to avoid any physical conflict. The key to winning any conflict either mental or physical is to turn the enemies forces exerted against himself or to use it for your advantage and to exploit his weaknesses. Remembering and working from some of the Men In Black document files I have read, I will try to recreate some reported situations of Men In Black encounters and give the reader my responses to repel, stop or eliminate the Men In Black threat. First, we will start off with the hypothesis that you have witnessed an unusual aerial craft and you have reported what you have seen to the press or radio or television reporters.That your story was printed or told on radio or television by reporters. And then a big new black car arrives at your address with two men dressed in black show up on your front porch or doorstep. They knock, ring your door bell and you go to the door and there they are! The Men In Black! You spot the big knew black car!

1. They announce that they are from such and such and flash a I.D. at you and quickly put it away.

a. State, you to wish to verify their credentials. Tell them that you want each of them one at a time to remove the Badge or I.D. Card plus a drivers licence and one major credit card for your examination for proof of identification.

b. State, that otherwise you will refuse to speak to them and report them to the police for trying to impersonate an official.

2. This is a common security procedure. Ever try to cash a check or use a credit card at store? a. They are trying to cash a check with you using a badge or I.D. Card. The payment is to gain information. b. The payment also may include intimating you to keep silent by the power of their office. c. Know who you are dealing with.

3. You want to provoke a response from them to judge their reaction. Remember that you are judging them in the same manner as store clerk would to decide to cash a strangers check or approve credit card use. a. If they are truly who they say they are, they wont have a problem with complying. b. If they refuse, State that, "this conversation has ended". This is a standard verbal stiff arm. Ask them to leave and state that you are calling the police if they don't and that they can explain who they are to the police.

c. Retreat and lock your door. Call the police anyway, whether or not you see them leaving and file a report of the incident.

4. If they comply with presenting identification, remember anything can be replicated. Apparent age the item in relation to it's printed date of issue, use and ware are harder to fake. a. Check for the same names used on all items from the same individual. b. Check for use of a middle initial or the lack of it.


If the printed name has a middle initial then the signed name in hand writing should have it.


If the printed name doesn't then the signed name should not have it.

c. Check for the individuals date of birth compared to his physical appearance. d. Ask each for his/her social security card number. Use the palm of your hand it write it down on if you don't have paper but have a ball point pin or ask them to wait OUTSIDE while you get it. Never invite them in while you locate paper and pin!


All current police computers can I.D. Make anyone by running a social security number check.

4.d.2. Military types will know and remember their military serial number but have a problem with recalling their social security number.


A social security number is this BEST thing to use to run a computer tracer on an individual to see if him/her is who they say they are, date of birth, where the live and who they work for, valid drivers license and so forth.


As per the above, a social security number is better to have in hand from a suspect individual than his/her badge or I.D. card number!

5. While looking down at the indentification look at their shoes. a. Most military types were only certain types of dress shoes. b. Most federal employee types were only certain styles and types of shoes. c. Undercover Police will copy each other and wind up waring the same styles of shoes. Foot care is just as important to policemen as it is to the military or postmen. d. Civilians, non military, non federal and non police will were anything that strikes their fancy. This means with no thought as to even the proper style for the clothes they are waring or (uniformity, ease of care, durability or comfort) when walking long distances or standing around for hours. e. Check to see if the shoes fit the clothes, the right shoe on the right foot and matched socks. Someone not familiar with earth dress may have got it wrong.

6. Don't let them lead you into any conversation and let them do all of talking. Do not elaborate on anything. a. Uh-haw, Yes, to respond true answers b. Un-haw, No, to respond to false or no answers c. Never try to hold a conversation or get any useful information with someone that only says uh-haw and un-hah?

7. Do not invite them into you home, house or apartment! Do all the talking at the door or porch and in the open were others may see you, them or both you and them. a. You don't really know who they are and they are no friends of yours. b. You don't know what action they may take when they are sure that no one else could witness it.

8. Offer them a cigarette if you smoke. If they accept a cigarette, offer them your lighter. Hand it to them before they can get their own. a. Try to wipe the sides of the front and back clean on the inside of your pocket and remove it from your pocket holding the side or edges only. b. When they return the lighter to you let them drop it in your palm and then let it slide it back into your pocket. c. You now have a sample of their finger prints if they had any so use a soft cloth to remove it later and grasp it with at the top and bottom only and place it in a plastic zip lock bag.

9. If they don't accept a cigarette, light up one yourself.

a. If you smoke this will calm your nerves and put you at ease and possibly offend them at the subliminal level. This makes none smokers uneasy when placed in close proximity to a smoker. This gives you another small piece of the advantage. b. If the air currents are right for it you can slyly blow a little smoke their way to judge their reaction to the cigarette gases in the smoke. c. You can observe their reaction to consumed cigarette gases.

10. If they don't accept a cigarette, offer them a beer or any liquid refreshment you have on hand. Even a glass of water. But ask them to wait while you go and get it! The object is to get a finger print sample if possible, not to let them into your home!

11. If they really bug you and you get a strange feeling of uneasiness buy their presence at your home, standing their looking weird, trust your feelings! Excuse yourself for a moment, get your car keys and walk out right past them to your car, get in, lock the doors and drive straight to the nearest police station and park in the open right in front of it and ask the first policeman you see to help you to file a report of following and harassment and file a complaint report!

Robert Parish

MIB Counter Measures