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The Facts of MIB

MIB phenomena is interesting on several levels, so many, in fact, that is is difficult to know where to begin. For instance, on the surface it would appear that MIB is one of those very few legends that can be traced to it's ultimate source, i.e. Bender. However, a brief persual of human history suggests that this might not necessarily be the case. A tradition of MIB-type entities, that is mysterious dark-clothed individuals with sinister intentions, can be followed back to ancient times and across virtually all cultures. At least as far back as biblical times there has been a tradition in the Middle East of men attired in black robes and turbans attempting to lure victims out into the desert for unspecified sinister purposes. Likewise, in central and Southern Europe during the middle ages there existed a genuine fear among the inhabitants of those regions of black-clad beings who wandered the countryside performing indiscriminate acts of vampirism on humans and livestock alike. Fairy lore allows for otherwise human-looking fairies who dress in black and delight in causing mischief in the human world. The fact that MIB are often (in fact nearly always) described as having Asian features is interesting in light of the fact that there is a long-standing myth in China, Tibet, and India that a superior race of humans live beneath the surface of the earth who occasionally send "agents" dressed in black to the surface to surveil and or/manipulate human affairs. (This is known as the "King of the World" myth.) Native Americans feared the "Black Man" who supposedly lurked in the forests with malicious intent. There are even what could be considered MIB-type undertones in Nathaniel Hawthorne's 1835 short story, Young Goodman Brown.

So there would appear to be a general precedence, if not an archetype, for the beings Bender described. However, Bender can be credited with giving these beings a specific purpose, i.e. discouraging UFO percipients from discussing what they have experienced. What is interesting is that not only did reports of MIB encounters begin to filter in before Bender's book was published, nearly all MIB encounters since have invlolved people who have never even heard of the phenomenon, let alone Bender.

A "typical" MIB encounter goes something like this: Soon (usually immediately) after witnessing some type of UFO phenomenon, the percipient is visited by one or more strange men. These men often flash badges, give names, and claim to be from one government agency or another. (Upon subsequent investigation, the names givien are invariably absent from the mentioned agency's records and often the agency itself is found not to exist.) The "agents" usually display not only an uncanny knowledge of exactly what the witness has seen, but intimate personal knowledge of the witness as well. They collect all physical evidence of the encounter that the witness may have, such as photographs or residue from a landing site. Even in instances where they do not threaten the witness outright not to speak of his or her experience, the MIB usually manage to make it clear that doing so would not be a good idea. Other times, however, the MIB claim to be insurance salesmen, portrait photographers, or something equally unconnected with the subject of UFOs and never mention the UFO event in question, yet somehow leave the impression that they are associated with it none the less.

MIB tend to run the gamut as far as physical appearance is concerned, however, some generalizations in this are can be made. While some MIB are decidedly more human-looking than others, they have been fairly consistently described as being olive-complected and having thin lips, high cheekbones, and slanted (sometimes glowing)eyes. Their height can range from very short to very tall. They often sport garish makeup and bad wigs in a failed attempt to look more "normal." It is usually difficult to estimate their age. Often they move in a "mechanical" fashion and their voice has a machine-like quality. They frequently appear to have respritory difficulties and seem to be drained of energy over short periods of time. They are usually dressed, of course, in black; most often in out of date suits that appear to be brand new and cut from some strange type of fabric.

MIB usually travel in packs of three, although doubles and singles are not uncommon. They tend to drive large, black American cars such as Cadillacs, Buicks, and Lincolns which are usually at least twenty or thirty years old old, yet in mint condition. Often these cars display strange, unidentifiable insignias. An unusual glow, as if from a vapor lamp or instrument panel on some type of console, has often been reported as illuminating the interior of the vehicle. License plate numbers are usually either obscured or missing altogether, but in numerous instances, plate numbers have been recorded and checked otu only to show that they had never been issued.

The hallmarks of the "classic" MIB visitations are incompetence and bizarre behavior on the part of the MIB. Seemingly mystified by human ways, they are extremely poor taskmasters in the area of imitation. For instance, they often express amazement at the most mundane objects, such as bowls of jello or ball-point pens, and have been known to ask inappropriate and downright rude questions

MIB encounters, as one might expect, are actually quite rare, roughly forty cases in all have been "documented." Encounters that have the slightest credibility are rarer still.