The following information is part 1 of a rough draft for a book that Major Jack Downing began writing this summer.

Part 1

Somehow it's being circulated that I was a MIB. Let me set the record straight on this. My father was an initiated member of the Black Ops Brethren, which people call the Men in Black, and my family has been in "black" intelligence for the United States for over two centuries. I myself served in the intelligence community all of my life, having been groomed for it since childhood. There came a day when my shoulder was tapped, and I was informed that I had been selected to serve as a probationer with the Black Ops Brethren. This means that I was "in training", which includes a deep study of history and doctrine of the group, and supprtive participation in some of their operations, but unfortunately I was not given the privilege of being a duly sworn member of this group. After two years as a probationer, circumstances in my life caused me to lose my security clearance with the NSA, and consequently was I stripped of my probationer status in the Black Ops Brethren. In the past I have stated that the cause of this is that I was simply too much of a loudmouth. The dark and dirty truth behind that is that I had an uncontrollable drinking habit, and came near to compromising national security too many times. Well, this is what happens when you give firewater to injuns, right? **********************************

I'm not going to bother telling you what the Black Operations Bureau was called prior to 1947. That was the year the cold war really got rolling. Intelligence got a huge boost in funding, and the whole scene was re-organized. A very old intelligence fraternity got a fresh lease when the CIA bill was passed, and, what with the UFOs and other strange developments in America, a new purpose was forged for this team. The Black Operations Bureau became the Black Ops Brethren ( though they also bear a cryptic and esoteric name as well), and under new leadership, and better support from not-so-black intelligence agencies, became a bigger power in enforcing secrecy. Several projects were initiated at the same time. A first was to create strong ties to some foreign intelligence organizations, independent of any relationship the US had "on the record". Very quickly such nations as Great Britain, Israel, Australia, Canada and France fell within our jurisdiction. That is to say, with the cooperation of local intelligence groups similar to ours, we could move freely in those nations without interference. Our second project was to get together a strong doctrine, a new way of going about our business. We honestly wanted to carve out a niche for ourselves, because there was no desire to step on the toes of other, more visible agencies. Though our ranks were made up of top people from FBI, CIA, ONI, CID, and numerous other covert action and intelligence organizations, our purpose differed in that we had to monitor leaks of ultrasecret information into the press and popular culture. Aware that enemy nations relied on such media to see "which way the wind blows", our top man (yes, we had Lansdale) devised the "hall of mirrors" approach and other proto-PSYOPS methods to carry out our agenda. We could control pop culture by exploiting it. With our strong historical literacy, and a deep knowledge of movies, comic books and radio, we sought to make truth as strange as fiction. So we adopted this film noir g-man look, and added some science fiction twists to it. We had among us several scholars of the paranormal and occult. Their contributions were significant as well. From them we learned to apply some nifty martial arts head game techniques, hypnosis, and the surrealist art of defamiliarization. A heady brew when all put together. History shows that you cannot really silence people 100 % unless you kill them. We really wanted to avoid this, prefering a non-lethal method. Our attitude was: if you can't make them shut up, at least warp their memories of what was seen, thus rendering their stories unbelievable. Flying saucers were all the rage back then, so it was very easy to turn a sighting of a US top-secret stealth, surveillance, or experimental aircraft into an H.G. Wells-type invasion. This kept the press busy chasing wild geese, so America could go on with the cold war-era race for military supremacy. We even had the Air Force and CIA chasing flying saucers. Technology-wise, we had a small advantage over others. From the fey (or "elemental" MIBs) we appropriated a device which they had stolen from the British government's research into microwaves (which was stolen from the nazis). In the form we got it, it was way too big for our purposes, so we experimented with smaller sizes and output. I recall it did not just emit microwaves, but also some other energies, such as strong telluric currents. I'll have more to say about this devise and about the fey MIBs later. A big player in the Black Ops Brethen was a fellow called Red. He was actually an important figure in steering the Black Operations Bureau into it's Cold War role. He had already been at work on the model for what became the Men in Black modus operandi in '47, when in the guise of an Army officer, he effectively silenced some of the witnesses of the Roswell incident. Red hit upon the Black suit/black car scheme, and pioneered the idea of one visitor doing all of the talking while one or two other companions stared menacingly. Red was at that time our expert on voodoo and black magic. He died in 1955 and since then the organization names a new "Red" every 15 years. Lately, some people in the BOpFFOr are calling Red "Morris", because the red-haired cat keeps being replaced by identical cats. ***********************************************

In the early 50's as a result of some still-classified gov't experiments in clairvoyance, a certain gypsy secret society named the Kalo Lowve was put on the Black Ops payroll. They seemed especially well suited for the Men in Black thing because they had so little respect for witnesses, and because they had so much fun pretending to be aliens and/or robots in black suits. I have to say, though, they loved the cars, and lavished such adoring care to their upkeep, that they put our professional mechanics to shame. Some of those old cars are still on the road, which is a tribute to the quality of care they got. *************************************************

Immediately in the wake of early MIB reports in the popular media, numerous other groups jumped the bandwagon, and took to imitating our style. While few of these were connected to "UFO" sightings, they still possesed a lot of stylistic similarities to our approach. Among those who took on MIB techniques were Russians, ufologists, satanists, and scientologist (let's not forget that Hubbard was conected to the ONI before he became a SciFi writer). Of these groups I will say more later. (end of pt 1)

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