MIB, coverup for the "Council on Alien Relations?"

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Subject: MIB a coverup for the C.A.R.?
Date: 30 May 1997 15:25:11 GMT
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The Men In Black movie due out July 2 is based on the comic book series of the same name, which in turn has its roots in the mythical "men in black" that supposedly visit people who have claimed to have seen UFOs. HOWEVER, I just heard an interesting rumor (or read one, anyway) that the movie is a smokescreen at a certain level, to cover-up emerging rumors of a group called the Council on Alien Relations.

For years CAR has been invisible, the only explanation whenever it surfaced being that it was some sort of international group concerned with immigration issues. I understand that it was an offshoot of the MAGESTIC group (which was then allowed to fester as its own sort of folklore.) Once the group when international, it became as easy to hide as the Bilderbergers. I don't know how many countries are involved in it, but they supposedly meet every two years as a group, with different combinations of players getting together over various issues in between the big meetings.

CAR was the group that supposedly hammered out the abductions-for-technology agreement with the Grays. Then when they overstepped the bounds of the agreement, CAR tried to use the reptoids to bring them into accordance.

The only way to find out anything for sure is to actually try to get into one of their meetings. They skipped this year, but next year's (again, this is only rumor) is set for Gibralter.

I think it's all crap, myself. But this one was so odd I had to pass it along...

Marc Hershon

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