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1956 - Today - The Men in Black

The Men in Black are part of the disturbing aspects of the UFO phenomenon, all the more disturbing because up until now, they have appeared elusive. However, the fact that their victims' testimonies largely agree, shows that it must be taken seriously what initially appears to be completely fantastic stories

Their existence was revealed to the public in 1956 by the American Gary Baker in his book They Knew too Much about Flying Saucers. Since, we have only been able to count a few more than forty accounted cases. Who are these Men in Black and how do they work?

They have always appeared to witnesses, or investigators, shortly after they had seen a UFO and before the sighting was publicized. They look like men dressed in dark suits and wearing a fedora; everything looks like it had just been bought an hour ago.

They claim to belong to the CIA or another more or less secret agency and carry out an interrogation of the witness, usually accompanied with threats against him in case he would make what he saw public and would talk about the visit he just had. Then, they leave, when they have one, in their invariably brand new, black, older model limousine. Each time that witnesses have been able to give the license plate numbers, they turn up as never having been registered.

Apart from their antiquated appearance, the Men in Black have some very strange features that made one think that the witnesses were not dealing with real human beings.

Their eyes are often slightly slanted, dark skin with an unnatural color, and a face as inanimate as a mask. It even occured where some had quite obviously put on make-up, including lipstick. Their speech is too perfect, lacking in specific character, as if they had automatically learned the local language, which tends to contradict belonging to the country's secret services. Their cold, precise behavior reinforces the idea that we are dealing with a kind of "robot". They never lose their tepmer. On the other hand, they seem to be up-to-date on numerous, precise details which the witness has never told to anyone.

More intriguing yet is that a certain number of witnesses and investigators (like John A. Keel) claim that, when they arrive in their limousine, the Men in Black seem to suddenly appear, and disappear at the corner of the street, as if they were erased from reality.

Finally, it occured several times where the men with the same voice and speech characteristics, telephone the winess without going to see him. Often of violent nature, the threats uttered by the Men in Black are never carried out, which leads the skeptics to believe that they are only bad jokes or hallucinations. The interpretation forgets a little to quickly the mental after-effects suffered by the witnesses who are frequently the victims of nightmares for years and seem literally haunted by what they have seen. Whoever they are, the Men in Black could be considered as harmful entities whose role is to terrorize certain witnesses for reasons only known by them alone or The Intelligence that guides them.